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A Concerned Mother’s Letter to Teenage Girls

After viewing photos of her sons” buddies online and being shocked by how provocative they were, one mom wrote a shrewd letter to any or all adolescent girls online. Read her original post below:


Beloved daughters,

I’ve some information that may interest you. Yesterday evening, as we occasionally do, our family looked through the summeras social media pictures and sat round the dining-room table.

We’ve got teenaged sons, and so there are many images of you wonderful women to wade through. Wow a you certainly took a lot of selfies in your skimpy pjas! Your bedrooms are really so adorable! Our eight-year old daughter brought this to our focus, because with three older brothers that have rooms she finds girly details like that.

I think other things are noticed by the boys. For one, it seems that you aren’t wearing a bra.

For get it a youare in your room youare heading to bed? But then I but see the red carpet pose, the extra-arched back, and the sultry pout. Whatas upwards? Not one of these places is one I suppose before slumber, this I understand.

Thus, hereas the touch I believe is essential that you comprehend. In the event you are buddies with a Hall son on Instagram or Facebook or Twitter you’re buddies with the entire Hall family.

Please understand that we truly like remaining associated with you this manner! We love seeing things through your vibrant and unique lens a you’re insightful, and frequently quite, quite amusing.


Which is what makes your latest self portrait so incredibly ill-fated.

That post doesnat reflect who you’re ! We believe you’re generally quite intelligent and interesting, and lovely. But, we needed to cringe and wonder what you were attempting to do? Who are you attempting to reach? What exactly are you really attempting to say?

And currently a huge bummer a we must block your posts. Because, the reason (occasionally difficult) family conversations round the table is just as we understand your parents care about you the fact that we care about our sons.

For know your family wouldn’t be thrilled in the idea of my adolescent lads seeing you solely in your towel. Were you aware that you are seen by a man in a state of undress, he canat immediately un-see it? You donat want our sons to just think of you in this manner that is sexual, do you?

Neither do we. Weare more than that.


And in our home, there aren’t any second chances with pics like that, women. We’ve got a zero tolerance policy. For am aware of, so game. But if you would like to remain friendly with our sons youall your posts adequate, as well as need to keep your garments on. In case you post a hot selfie (we all understand the type), or an improper YouTube video a a itas drapes.

We’re expecting to lift guys with a solid ethical compass, and men of integrity donat linger over images of scantily clad high school girls, although For know that seems so old school.

Every day I pray for the girls my sons will adore. For expect they’ll be attracted to actual beauties, the sort of girls who’ll leave them better individuals in the long run. In addition, I pray that my sons will probably not be unworthy of the type of girl, that they’re going to be patient a and act a while they wait for her.

Girls, itas not too late! In case you presume youave made an online error (we all do a donat fret a Iave made some doozies, even now!), RUN to your accounts and take down the closed door bedroom selfies that makes it too simple for buddies to see you in just one measurement.

Will you trust me? There are lads out there expecting and waiting for girls of character. Some young men are fighting with the day-to-day stiff fight to maintain their heads pure, and their ideas praiseworthy a just like you.

You’re developing into a real beauty, in and out.

Behave like the just, talk like her, post like her.

Mrs. Hall


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