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These 19 Creative Celebrity Mashups Are Quite Funny And A Bit Bizarre

At the point when an intriguing photograph mashup turns into a web sensation on the Internet, doesn’t it feel like a mystery achievement when you happen to be one of the first to find it? Web photograph mashups are the advanced adaptations of Picasso’s fine art – fascinating mutilations of ambiguously conspicuous articles. All things considered, when confounded popular society pictures are breaker together, some imaginative ironical, political and social editorials can be made.

The colossal thing about photograph mashups are all the considerable social references packed into picture that you, the viewer, is tested to check whether you can spot all of them. The Simpsons is a standout amongst the most popular network shows that uses popular society mashups further bolstering its good fortune to make diverting spoofs about social issues.

From dystopic VIP mashups to science fiction Starwars mashups, the more youthful eras are truly on their amusement with drawing from a wide range of territories of popular culture and making strange, yet entertaining, picture mashups. Observe this photograph mashup pictures and check whether you can detect the various diverse popular society references.

Have you ever noticed how some celebrity names seem to mesh together well, like Brangelina or TomKat? The good people over at Buffalo Bill Gates took this practice a step further. Not only did they combined the names of famous people, but they also combined their faces to form a completely new celebrity. The results are pretty amusing.

Feel free to send us your mashups too.  We would love to be able to share yours as well.  Keep em coming and keep em funny, and see if yours make the site!

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1. Gravity Gravity, Baby!

Gravity Gravity, Baby!

2. Interspecies breeding.

Interspecies breeding.

3. Croco-punk.


4. Pop icons, combined to make the ultimate King of Pop!

Pop icons, combined to make the ultimate King of Pop!

5. Well, that”s a strange one.

Well, that

6. That”s pretty much what her face looks like anyway.


7. Do you feel lucky, Voldemort? Do ya?

Do you feel lucky, Voldemort? Do ya?

8. She definitely is a “Good Girl Gone Bad.”

She definitely is a

9. Art icons.

Art icons.

10. I”d hate to hear those songs.


11. The world”s strongest man in the world”s best band.

The world

12. You do NOT want to mess with this guy.

You do NOT want to mess with this guy.

13. The alien wizard.

The alien wizard.

14. What a visionary.

What a visionary.

15. This one quacked me up.

This one quacked me up.

16. Screw you guys, I”m going home.

Screw you guys, I

17. Fancy mustache.

Fancy mustache.

18. Live long and prosper.

Live long and prosper.

19. I”d love to hear those songs.


I don”t think I”ll be able to sleep tonight after seeing the Smiley Cyrus picture. It”s a bit too out there.

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