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These 10 Valentine’s Greetings From Kids Are Hilariously Honest. These Are Too Funny!

For as long as couple of weeks, my child’s third grade class has been contemplating enticing written work. I am excited about this for a few reasons, the essential one being that Jack has a tendency to think, “You ought to do X in light of the fact that I like it.” is an adequately convincing contention for anything.

I have recommended that it’s not, but rather as all folks know, your own particular kids regularly don’t hear you in the same ways they hear other trusted grown-ups, similar to educators. Reason #981 that I have zero enthusiasm for self-teaching the young men.

That his instructors have said enticing composition is cool and helpful has made it along these lines, and I have appreciated late cases of this work coordinated just to me.

Display A:

I got this email from Jack the previous evening around 7. He wrote it while I was in the room, yet taught me to turn away my eyes until he’d got done with composing and shut his desktop.

Dear Mom,

I need to know our iTunes watchword. The vast majority in my class know there [sic] families. I guarantee to let you know before I purchase anything and won’t purchase anything improper. So if it’s not too much trouble I need to know it before fifth grade.


Your dependable child, Jack

My most loved things about this note are the liberal measure of time I need to oblige his solicitation and his sincere proclamations about how he’ll collaborate with our iTunes account. Tragically, as we throughout the weekend got a call from a revenue driven college gaining practical experience in Gaming on the grounds that Jack had given every one of them our family data whilst online (“But Mom, I thought they would simply impart some data to me”), I don’t yet believe he’s prepared for iTunes access.

You ought to have heard the guest’s voice when I said that Jack was however 8½. “Gracious, I see. Yes ma’am, we’ll take him off our call rundown at this moment.”

It took my spouse and me an hour to quit snickering.

Show B:

This note, firmly wrapped around some Legos for haul (the child is a decent architect), was tossed down the stairs to me the previous evening after a slight, should we say, fit of rage after my proposing that on the grounds that he’d as of now had two meals, he truly didn’t require another.

This note is less skillfully made, yet he got the damn baguette – in addition to plunging oil! – so I get it worked.

I spent one more hour snickering about this fortune, which I mean to spare everlastingly alongside the other tossed down-the-stairs takes note of (his favored strategy of connecting on the grounds that we have a standard that once we have done the last tuck-in, he’s not permitted back first floor).


Experiencing Valentine”s Day as an adult can be a stressful experience. If you”re in a relationship, there is a lot of pressure to perform for your partner (in a variety of ways). If you”re single, there”s pressure to answer the age-old question: WHY AM I SINGLE? For children, though, the holiday is like any other. They get to eat candy and receive time off in class to make cards. Here are the 10 best and most brutally honest Valentine”s cards made by children whose awesomeness can”t be contained.

1.) “Eh, she”ll do.”

1.) "Eh, she

2.) … you know, he isn”t wrong.

2.) ... you know, he isn

3.) Honesty is always the best policy.

3.) Honesty is always the best policy.

4.) … … OH. “Humor.” Got it.

4.) ... ... OH.

5.) Okay, I”ll overlook the scathing cynicism here.

5.) Okay, I

6.) I”m sure mom will understand that was a typo.

6.) I

7.) Hey now, your parents aren”t THAT old.

7.) Hey now, your parents aren

8.) Oh wait, this is just sweet…

8.) Oh wait, this is just sweet...



9.) Poetic, hilarious and references the X-Men. This kid”s card is pure gold.

9.) Poetic, hilarious and references the X-Men. This kid

10.) I can”t tell if they are worried or threatening their parents.

10.) I can

That is exactly why kids are the best. Less Valentine”s Day stress and more brutal honesty! Source: via If any of these made you smile, share them with your friends.

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