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15 Celebrity Tweets That Rocked the World

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past five years, you’ll know that the twittersphere is buzzing with news. Its a place, much like Facebook, where lots of people talk and talk and talk. The only difference is that in Twitter, all people do is talk and talk and talk. This is why celebrities often use Twitter to communicate with their fans. Or, even for their personal use. And, for better or for worse, these celebrities have changed social media as we know it. As these tweets will show you below, the world has never been the same since then.

We are also pretty sure that while there are hidden gems like the following tweets hidden in a jungle of horrible tweets there are some great ones.  We have gone through that pile of boring meaningless tweets to pull out these diamonds in the rough.

And boy are these good!  You won’t believe what some celebrities feel they need to tweet in 140 or 16o characters or however many it is.  Thankfully twitter has a limit otherwise these celebs would be putting their feet in their mouths a lot more often…enjoy!

1. Jesus Christ!!!


No really. Jesus Christ.


3. Kanye West Tops Himself


Kanye West says a lot of dumb things, though this tweet is pretty much up there at the top.


2. Katy Err .. Deschanel


Wait wait wait .. Hold on. Is this a confirmation?


4. Real Coffee


Just Dunkin Donuts making a play on how lots of people say that their coffee aint real.


5. The Supergirl Announcement


Zack Snyder sure does know how to play with our feeble minds.


6. Zack Snyder The Troll


Just stop playing with us man.


7. Just No!!!


Im beginning to think that Emma Watson likes to play with peoples heads. Dang. You gave me and many men around the world quite the scare there.


8. How to Stop Farting


The Queen is probably the only person in the world that can make farting or looking it up online sound or look cute.


9. How to Announce The End of the World


Stephen Hawking being a boss.


10. 2Pac Lives!


Not Jesus, but still.


11. Subtle Play


In case you didnt know, Tim Cook is the current CEO of the tech giant, Apple.


12. South Park


This just changed everything. EVERYTHING!!


13. April Fools!


Gabe. I beg you. Just release the game. PLEAAAAASE.


14. #reunion


Things just arent the same without slash.


15. Its Confirmed!!!


Trolls really do exist!!


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